Benefits To Google Analytics

1.) See Your Most Important Data First
Google Analytics alllows users to create custom dashboards in order to see crucial analytics first. This can be customized for each site.

2.) Track Online Campaigns
Have you been placing marketing dollars into online campaigns and hoping they will be successful? You can track which campaigns are bringing you business, allowing you to place your money into more effective online marketing.

3.) Locate Your Visitors
Google Analytics offers site users based on their geographical areas. You can pin point the cities of these users. It is a great opportunity to place marketing efforts, or sales people in certain areas where people are interested in your service/products

4.) See Items Visitors Are Searching On Your Site
It pins down the behaivor of users on your site, and to which items are most viewed. This is helpful when launching new products/services, or seeing which content your users find most useful. No need to completely change a good thing, just keep on making it better, and you can set the unnecessary content aside. 

Being able to measure the success of your website and marketing is extremely important. Managing and understanding how to read the analytics to create successful changes with your website will further its growth. I utulize Google Analytics, because it is free, and has customizable options. Content Management Systems (CMS) can offer their own built-in analytics or another third party application. I offer monthly reports for the first year of a contract. If you are running your own analytics, perfect! You are one step ahead of the game.


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