There are 3 main items when dealing with marketing literature/collarteral:

1.) Creating Information
When creating information for your marketing piece you should use the least amount of words possible. It is best to list the items you would like to communicate to keep the piece very concise. The cleaner the look, the more direct the message will be.

Consider these main factors while compiling your information
•What the main piece of information do you want to convey.
•What are the services that you offer.
•Where will the project/ activity take place and when (time, date/day).
•How to find out more about it, how to book/ purchase e.g. contact details, telephone number, name, email  
  address, website.
•Who else is supporting or involved in the project/ activity e.g.
•Is there a cost.

2.) Creating The Design
The design consists of information, size, layout, fonts, and color palettes. This is important for targeting a specific demographic. Make sure to keep it limited and simple for the best communication.

Consider these main factors while creating your design
•Make sure the font is readable and not distracting.
•Make sure the fonts do not go below 14 pt.
•Make sure to use relevant pictures.
•Contrasting colors have the best impact as well as diagonal formats.

3.) Printing
Although I do not offer full print services. I can send you in the right direction. Most graphic designers will set the literature for print ready but you may not be seeing that PDF due to its emailing size restrictions. If you are receiving quotes for printing make sure you receive at least 3 quotes to compare the price differences. If you want to print small quantity digital pieces there are plenty of printing companies online offering those services at a low cost.

Marketing Literature

Whether you are a small business or a large business, marketing literature/collarteral is a necessity. From full line catalogs to post cards to business cards. Printing material must match your identity and your target demographic at the same time. I have created many types of literature for many different industries. Click here to see my portfolio.
Business Cards
Rack Cards
Post Cards
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