Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are used for packaging a wide variety of consumer products. In fact, the folding carton is a key element of retail merchandising. Although seen in virtually every supermarket, drug store, and department store, the folding carton becomes and integral part of the product and is rarely noticed by the consumer.
In today's merchandising structure, the folding cartons must capture the attention of the consumer and effectively communicate the sales message of the product.

Paperboard is an economical and versatile packaging material. The folding paperboard carton fills nearly all of the key functions of a consumer package.

Folding cartons can provide:

1.) A strong brand identification with easy to print graphics that promote the company's image in the marketplace.

2.) Containment for liquids, semi-solids, and dry products.

3.) Protection for fragile or delicate objects.

4.) Unitization through creatively designed multipacks that decrease distribution costs.

5.) Spoilage reduction and contamination protection for food products.

6.) Pilferage protection for small products.

7.) Promotion opportunities with trial size attachments or enclosures.

8.) Communication of the benefits of the product to the consumer, and continued service as the silent salesman after the purchase.

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