Work In Progress

10/10/14 Continuation of animals
I always find myself going back to drawing birds and other animals. I seem to focus on the contrasting colors and their eyes in almost every drawing.
9/23/14 Drawing The Inner Struggle
Every now and then I feel the urge to draw demons, skulls, and other dark subject matter. 
owl art
girafe art
Giraffe 12x20"
The Hunter 24x20"
Lovers 17x15"
Fighting My Own Demons 20x24"
lovers artwork
demon artwork
Grounded 8x11"
Staring At Your Demons 11x8"
Crawling In My Own Skin 24x20"
Melting 20x24"
expressive self portrait
expressive self portrait
Conservative 8x11"
expressive self portrait
Two Faced 20x24"
expressive self portrait
expressive self portrait
Exhausted 20x24"
8/1/14 Exploration of Self
Every artist goes through a period of self-exploration with self-portraits.  I was trying to complete a drawing per week to see how this series transforms based on how I was feeling that day. It is going in a very weird direction. I swear, I wasn't on drugs when I did these.
owl art
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