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2015 Grumpy's Cafe, Land & Sea (pastels) exhibition
2013 Jammy Buggars Gallery, Sea Life Study (pastels) exhibition
2013 Lion on Lorain, Serengeti Study (pastels) exhibition
2013 Lorain Art Gallery, Bird Study (pastels) exhibition
2012 Jammy Buggars Gallery, Yellowstone Wildlife (pastels) exhibition
2012 Jammy Buggars Gallery, An Owl Study (pastels) exhibition
2011 Jammy Buggars Gallery, Bee Study “A Bee’s Life” (pastels) exhibition
2009 Crandall Art Gallery, Digital Media exhibition
2008 Publication of Pissy Puppy Card Line
2007 Crandall Art Gallery, Abstract Landscapes (pastels) exhibition
2005 Publication of creative writing “One Chance” in Eternal Portrait series
2003 Creative Impetus Art Gallery, Life As A Street, (b/w photography) exhibition
2002 The Edge Art Gallery, life drawing exhibition
2002 Crandall Art Gallery, Retrospect, life drawing (conte) exhibition
2002 Crandall Art Gallery, Mixed Media exhibition
2001 Publication of The Conversation in Calliope
2001 Crandall Art Gallery, Tree Study (conte) exhibition
2000 Crandall Art Gallery, annual student exhibition
Inside The Mind of The Artist
Introspection of the emotional process of creating art and being an artist.
With this series I will explore the emotions I normally keep locked away. Not only is this somewhat of a cleansing process, it is largely an introspection into the fighting sides of surface-reality art, and the darkest periods of which an artist can find themselves. Expressing the turmoil of creating what is wanted and that which is neccessary.
I received my Bachelor of Art from Mount Union College in 2002 and since then I have had approximately three shows a year. I always draw new for each exhibit for many different reasons, mostly to move my artwork to the next level. Primarily I draw with soft pastels, charcoal and conte dealing with natural subject matter.

Fine Art

Grumpy's Cafe | Tremont ArtWalk
June 7-August 7, 2015
Work In Progress
Commemorate a loved one, a friend, a pet.
Have a keep-sake like no other.

We can set an outline for the commissioned piece(s).
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Commissions Welcome
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