1.) Send files as you need them
     •$25/vector file.
     •Upload your file here.
     •You will receive a payment link from me.
     •You will receive an email containing the
      vector file 24 hrs from the time payment  
      was received.
      See, It's That Simple.
2.) Consistant number of files per day and lower your cost per file
     •We will need to discuss your daily average.
     •Example 20 files per day can equal $10-15 per file.
     •I will set up an FTP for your artist to drop files that need to be created.
     •In 24 hours all recreated files will be placed on another folder in the FTP    
      for your artist to download. 
      Super Easy Let's Talk.
2.) Don't have an in-house artist, and need proofs along with files
     •We will need to discuss your daily average and proof templates.
     •Example 20 files per day can equal $15-25 per file.
     •I will set up an FTP for you to drop files that need to be created and set
      in your proof template.
     •In 24 hours all recreated files will be placed on your proofing template
      and available to download from the on FTP.    
      Completely Streamlined, Let's Get Started.

Many business such as printing companies, sign companies, apparel printing companies, promotional advertising companies need vector artwork to process plates/screens/plotter to print their products. Most customers/clients are unable to provide that type of artwork because they do not own the programs or have a designer of their own. Customers are looking to you for guideance and the last thing you need is a customer walk away from an order because of price or frustration.
Let me explain...
1.) Time consuming
Many vector recreations can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on the level of difficulty, to create a single file. And that is only one file for one customer. How many other tasks could have been done within that time period? PLENTY! Could that time have been focused on acquiring more sales? ABSOLUTELY!

Instead of placing 2-4 hours recreating each piece of artwork, increase your sales by placing that time and energy into caputuring more customers/clients.
2.) Costly
Since vector art recreations can take up to 2-4 hours to complete the cost in having a artist complete those can get very costly. Let's use our scenario from above, and add the cost of a graphic production artist, which can range anywhere from $14-$16/hr.
(6 Files x 4 hours/recreation) x $16/hr = $384 just to recreate artwork

DKC Managing Your Vector Files
6 Files x $25 (rate per file) = $150 with a 24 hour turn-around

No Brainer, Right?
3.) Save on Overhead
Many graphics artists need more than one program to execute recreations properly. You won't have to purchase these programs, only your output program. I can send you the specific file type you need for output. This can be an anual savings of $4000 just in graphics programs. 
Save Time • Save Money • Maximize Production • No More Frustrated Customers
I Am Not Replacing Your Graphic Artist(s).
I Am Helping You Maximize Production.
Pick Your Plan
Try It Out
Let's say you have 25 orders scheduled for proofing today. And you have 2 graphic artists that have multiple roles within your company. Either setting up machines or consulting customers, etc. Now 6 of those 25 files/orders need vector artwork to be recreated. That is 24 hours worth of work. That is 3 days of having 1 graphic artist working solely on those orders. 3 DAYS!! Imagine sending off that artwork and receiving it the next day for customer approval. You have already saved 3 days worth of work, which created more time to produce more orders within a given day. Time is money.

Vector Art

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