Your Site Will Be Completely Unique
No Cookie Cutter Templates
No Outsourcing
Your Data is Safe
You are In Control of Your Hosting & Site
You Own Your Code
This Code Can be Updated By Any Developer
You do not need to be married
to me through your website.
Meaning, YOU are in control of your domain, hosting, and code.
1.) I want you to have complete control of your domain, hosting, and your website. My services do not include server maintanence and you do not need to have an add-on cost for actual items that I do not provide.

2.) I could get hit by a bus, and, by law, you can not have access to your invested items.

I make sure to protect my partners and their investment.
I can help you register your domain name, set up email, and hosting services if you do not already have them, but it will be under your name, your credit card, and your control, with you allowing me access to be able to create, upload, and update your website at the time you so desire. This ensures that you will always have your investment. I can hold to your passwords for as long as you would like just in case if you have misplaced them. Keep in mind your data is safe, I have automatic backup for all my files, and if you paid for these files they will also be on your server for you to use at your convenience. This is your safety net.  
Let me explain:
My goal is to partner with you, not strangle-hold you with domain and hosting services. I have seen this happen with other companies where they smack on a monthly hosting charge of $500+ while they are sharing your server space with other clients.

I DO NOT OPPERATE THAT WAY for two reasons:

Web Design

Your Website is An Extension of Your Brand
I offer complete integrated responsive web design for full implementation or I can deliver web design elements to your development team. The deliverables include a wireframe design using JustInMind software, including user interface, and web-ready images and content for your development team to execute properly. All necessary objectives, deliverables, and timelines will be thoroughly explained within an agreed upon contract.
What Else?
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