Important points to consider when creating a label:

1.) Branding & Product Informtaion
Make sure it matches the rest of your branding and it contains all the necessary information of what the product is, how it is used, and how it will benefit the consumer.

2.) Colors, Fonts, and Images
Use colors that will attract customers. Click here to see the meanings behind different colors. Also, see here for color schemes. Use readable fonts and sizes, and use hierarchy text, e.g. the largest font being the most important. If portraying images, make sure they are relevant, high resolution, and concise.  

3.) Label Material
The label material should remain consistant with the products use, keep in mind different adhesives for different product environments, e.g. freezer adhesives, moisture protection, etc. Material is also important for the feel including the finish, e.g. high gloss, matte, clear, kraft, metallics, reflective, polyester, UV, etc.  There are many different types of materials and adhesives to use. Prior to printing, it is always best to get samples from your supplier for testing.

4.) Label Shape
The shape of the label can help your branding or simply form around the product. Keep in mind if you are producing flexographic labels a custom die will need to be made for a custom shape. Most suppliers have a die catalog or stock shapes. If you choose the digital printing route there will not be die charges. See below to know the difference in the printing styles.

5.) Label Size
Your label size is largely conducive to the product's container/packaging. You may need two seperate labels for the front and the back of your product. Or you might have a wrap-around label that encompasses the container. 

6.) Spot or Process Printing
Spot printing refers to flexographic printing and it is choosing from 1-6 PMS colors for that label. The amount of colors is dependent on your suppliers machinery capabilities. You are limited with process printing, and die charges can be costly, but when for large quantity label printing this is the most cost effective process. Process printing or CMYK mixes cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black) to create a gamut of colors to create shading and images. Also, digital printing allows for endless shapes and sizes because custom dies are not needed, but at large quantities it can be cost prohibitive.
Product labels not only describe the product and is an extension of your branding, but it has to be distinct in comparison to your competitors. Within a slew of colors and fonts your label must be attractive to the consumer. Your labeling is the most important marketing vehicle to your product.


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