Website maintenance is important to any business. Your website is a portal into your business and it can have a large impact on how the value of your product/service is perceived. It is important to remain relevant in todays market and one of the most cost-effective opportunities is by maintaining your website.

Website Maintenance

Why is Website Maintenance Important?

1.) Interest
Updates help keep users interested and more likely to return. Keeping graphics new and materials up to date help attract repeat and new users.

2.) Products/Services
Keep your products and services up to date. If you aren't, you can be sure your competition is. By offering new solutions/products you are guaranteed to get repeat visitors.

3.) Trusted Brand
Your website is a reflection of your brand.  A poorly maintained website with errors, broken links, expired content can cause business to decline over time. The idea of any company is to be headstrong and move forward, even with the ever changing technologies.

4.) Google Rankings
Google gives higher rankings to sites that are updated regularly because they want new and unique content to be viewed by users.

5.) Overall Functionality
Make sure that everything is functioning properly and updated with new technologies.
If you already have a site and need some enhancements or updates I can also help you with those items. We can create a contract if the maintenance is over the course of a year, or we can do a per hour basis. We will need to set the objectives and goals of the changes to properly calculate the time necessary. Whether it is content updates, adding images, or adding pages, I can help you achieve your goals with site maintenance. Also, if you are presently using a CMS (content management system) and you would like to know how to utilize this system to your everyday needs I can also teach you how to feel comfortable navigating the system.
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