Commissioned pieces are more than a framed piece of art. It is a personal expression, and the accumulation of years of drawing placed into a single original piece. It is quantified and remains timeless over the years for you or your loved ones to enjoy.

I have been commissioned to create many pieces in the past. I average between 15-25 commissioned pieces per year. I have done murals and window paintings prior but I try to remain with the smaller framed projects because larger full wall pieces can become cost prohibitive due to materials. If you are contacting me for a commissioned piece, you can see that I already have a particular drawing style: fast strokes, bright contrasting colors, realistic imagery, etc

It is important to know extactly what you would like created. It is also important to provide examples and photographs if those are available.

A contract will be written, and agreed upon by both parties prior to beginning the project.

1.) Project Description: This will list what aspects of the work that are agreed upon in advance, such as size, colors, materials, etc.

2.) Payment Terms: This will list the total cost of creating the artwork. If we have not done business prior, 25% of costs must be paid upfront to secure any losses with materials.

3.) Deadlines: All deadlines will be noted in the cotract, and you will be able to to view your piece at different phases prior to completion.

4.) Framing: Framing is optional but I do not like to sell final pieces that are not framed. If you have a particular frame that you would like to use, I can draw to those dimensions. If you would like me to frame your piece (recommended) I will add those costs in this area of the contract.

5.) Copyright: Since you are purchasing the intellectual rights to this work, I would like to only use a photo of the artwork in my portfolio section of my website(s).

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Commissioned Pieces

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