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The necessary steps to create your site:

1.) Exploration
This is all about asking the right questions, setting objectives, and solidifying a sound strategy.
Implementing creative, branding, and communications

2.) Information Architecture
This will lay the ground work to your site by delivering a sitemap and an interactive wireframe. This will help guide your users to the information they need, and will be a key component to developing the code.

3.) Design
Designing a creative user interface is key to any web site. The design must balance brand sytle and business goals while integrating user experience.

4.) Custom Features
Custom design features include custom graphics, photography, and illustrations. These items can have a major impact on the final design and will affect the scope of the project.

5.) Content Development
This is a key factor for your users. Writing the correct content and having the right amount is crucial to end users as well as rankings.

6.) Development
This is where steps 1-5 come together to create your responsive web site. Usability functions are tested prior to go live.

7.) Maintenance & Updates
This is to keep your site fully functioning with the changing technology and user needs.

Web Development

Graphic Design and Web Development, although very different and very specialized fields, seem to be synonomous today. I have been writing code for over 10 years, and in 2010 I received my certificate from CSU in web development. Since then I have created many different sites in a variety of industries.
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