Printed poly and paper bags can be made in specific sizes and gauges and can turn your brand into a walking billboard. It can make your product stand out on the shelf.
Items to consider when designing your bag:

1.) Choosing the proper materials. Proper materials are determined by the product that will be contained in the package, where the package will be stored, whether or not it is temporary protection, and how it will appear on the shelf. There are many different types of materials, machine glazed paper (temporary protection), kraft, polyethylene, and polypropylene.

2.) Choosing the correct thickness. The thickness of the paper or poly is important in sustaining the product it is protecting. Most standard thickness paper is 30 lb. and polybags can range from .00125 - 1.2 mil.

3.) Making the proper measurements to fit your product correctly.

4.) Creating an effective design to make your product stand out on the shelves or to create a walking billboard.

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